Grateful for this life-changing opportunity

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Testimony | 0 comments

I was referred to Mary by my partner who had just about given up on our relationship and had given me an ultimatum to either stop the alcohol abuse or she leaves. I called Mary to discuss how she can help me stop drinking as I resisted going to a Rehab, and she advised the following: I cannot help you stop drinking but what I can do is help you change your mind about drinking. 

I decided to meet with Mary and after 3 times 3 hour sessions of letting go of past hurts snd limiting beliefs and destructive habit patterns I realized that I create my own reality. I called Mary to tell her that I am booking myself into Rehab and it was a decision I made for myself for the first time in my life this was for me. 

After Rehab Mary gave continuous support and understanding towards my recovery of after 20 years of alcohol abuse I have finally found a new way to live. 

I no longer lose my temper in traffic, I no longer stress about things, my life is peaceful and my relationship with my partner has moved to a more meaningful one. Both my partner and I are grateful for this life changing opportunity through Mary who still follows up on my well being.  

Peter Barnes