Freedom from Bondage

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Testimony | 0 comments

I attended a life coaching session with Mary Andalaft in Pennington KZN. When we began, I was not sure what to expect what was going to happen, I have heard about a life coach, however, I have never been to one!

Mary is very supportive and truly caring in a way, I have never experienced, she’s straight forward but in a kind manner and she assisted me in dealing with a huge blockage that I have carried in my life since 2008.

I have always had extreme pain in my neck area and for me to sleep properly, I take a mild sedative prescribed by my doctor, when necessary. My session with Mary was many hours and I was truly unsure of the exact amount of hours but I know it was long.

Throughout my session, Mary gave me glasses of water to drink and continued with me until I had a complete breakthrough. I cried so much and felt a weight been lifted off my shoulders as I have never experienced.

After my session with Mary, I felt like I was floating, I felt so free, something I haven’t felt in years.

I was physically drained and went to lie down at +-14h00 and I awake at 18h15, feeling so renewed and at peace a serenity I haven’t felt in many many years.

I processed an area in my life that has kept me in bondage for too long I feel so free and can sincerely thank Mary from the bottom of my heart for her assistance and focus in helping me deal with an issue that I feel has no hold on me any more!

Yours Sincerely

Elizabeth Roll