She provides comfort that no words can express.

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Testimony | 0 comments

The first time I heard about transformation coaching techniques I was immediately intrigued. I was searching for something, something that could help me change my life. I didn’t want to repeat the same patterns and to be honest I just wanted hit the reset button. I was referred to Mary by a friend, the first time I met Mary, I felt completely calm.

The journey this far has been full of ups and downs. As someone who does not open up easily and does not like to let other people see how I am hurting, it became apparent early that I was not going to hold back with Mary. She provides a comfort that no words can express. And for this I am grateful because I needed to feel at peace and comfortable so that I could let go and truly make this experience worthwhile.

Every week after our session I felt a little lighter, my mind became quieter and my sleeping patterns   became easier to fall asleep. Saying goodbye after the first few sessions made me teary, I wanted to keep Mary with me all the time. Firstly her coaching is invaluable and secondly I felt indebted to her for giving me the opportunity to a new start and lease on life.

I know and understand that I need to keep working every day at letting go and it feels a little easier knowing that Mary is only a message away, she provides continuous support and understanding

I am forever thankful and grateful for everything Mary has taught me and for her commitment to this work, I am so blessed and grateful to have met Mary.

Clare Anthony